God’s call in Jeremiah 5 verse 21

The first statement in the verse “Hear this” is a command given to us by God. He is instructing us to listen to him, sometimes we are too occupied by what goes on in the world that we close our ears to God. We are not quiet enough in our spirit to hear him, at those times God instructs us to be still and listen. He wants us to stop our rush through life and commune with him.

Second statement of the verse which

Second statement of the verse which is “You foolish and senseless people” expresses how blunt God is. He is not like Man who pretends to be your friend and butter you up with sweet words. When you have done wrong or acted abominable, he calls you out. It is to be noted that this calling out is not to condemn but to help you realize your error and make amends. Everyone does things once in a while that in retrospect are foolish and senseless, sometimes we are so wrapped up in ourselves we do not see our faults. People around us might be wary to tell us but it is comforting to know that we have a father that would always call us out when we err.

God's call in Jeremiah 5 verse 21

Its third statement “who have eyes but cannot see” while still reassuring us of God’s honesty in showing us our error, should also make us reflect. Sometimes we are so in lust with things of the world that we do not see signs God place around us to warn us and help us avoid trouble. We are consumed with the lust of the eyes and watch sinful things that drives us away from God’s presence. Our eyes are so consumed with lustful sights that our spiritual eyes become blocked. This statement shows us our flaw and reminds to be discerning and not fall for sinful things that can remove us from God’s presence. It also warns us not to be so one minded and stoic that we do not see God or opportunities when they come in different forms.

Finally, the statement “Who have ears but cannot hear” is similar to the third statement as it reassures us of God’s honesty and is also a call to reflect on our lives. It basically warns us not to be too set in our ways that we cannot listen to new ideas. The world is changing, being adamant in maintaining the old ways and ignoring advice to change would lead to regrets. We should learn to listen to listen to others and with the help of God’s discerning spirit know which advise to listen to. This statement also could mean that someone could be spiritually deaf even while the person might be hearing things clearly in the physical. The general cause of this is listening to sinful messages, sin and not living a prayerful life, a spiritually deaf person will not hear God.

This verse is a call to listen to God and reflect on our lives. We should be careful not to fall into habits that would block our spiritual sensor from finding God. Connecting with God and knowing him is essential for a contented life.