Joseph, from a slave to a King

Joseph, from a slave to a King

Joseph is the main focus in Genesis chapter 43 as a whole, however, in verse 28, “your servant our dad is well”, they replied with fear, “ he is still alive. They bowed down in humility”, the bible tells us that the previously sold “Joseph”, gained greatness as promised.

The process of his leadership did not come as a surprise since he was sold by his brothers with whom he loved uncontrollably. However, the verse confirms that his father was still alive by then when their brother was sold. Joseph questioned his welfare and they replied that the servant “our father” is well. It is important to state that Joseph never intended to openly let them recognize him, and relate him with the family.

As Christians, it is a reminder

However, the reply from his brothers was with fear since they never recognize who the person was, it was an unrealistic and unimaginable fact. But, since their father was old, he thought that he would have died before he was freed from captivity, they confirmed the presence of the Lord, they unanimously agreed that he is still alive. In such a case, it’s a reality that Joseph intended to bring back the memories of his brothers to the reality that despite being sold in Egypt. He managed to overcome the tribulations and was finally set free. The name of the lord was praised since Joseph who was regarded as a slave became a ruler. What a promising impression, the omnipresent is able to enhance the realization of all our needs.

As Christians, it is a reminder that our Father in heaven does not use the mighty, instead of the unrecognized. Remember, Jesus died a painful death, his glory withdrawn to realize the pain as a human being, a sinner. However, it is a reality that such a case is used to enhance our understanding of thy considerations and actions in reality. The Lord in heaven strives to enhance our understanding of thy power, the omnipresent redeemer, thanks be in thy name. Moreover, the transfiguration, suffering, death, and resurrection, this case could not be otherwise, the lord fulfills thy promise.

Joseph, from a slave to a King

In the phrase “they bowed down in humility”, Joseph affirmed the glory, he had extraordinary powers acting with supernatural powers, and he never looked down upon his brothers, not even his father and mother, what a good trait, a man of God indeed. The bible encourages us not to be dismayed, and instead keep the faith, walk in a way that pleases the Lord in heaven.

Come on, praise should be to God, we are beseeched to strive and follow Christ, but it is a reality that our father is not too blind to see what we go through, in fact, there is a reward for every hardship we endure. The way to the kingdom might be rough, but the fruits would not be bitter. But, the story about the slave who later became a king is kind of challenging, what is required of us is extremely much, but through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we will overcome all.