Al Quran

Review verse 1 Chronicles 28.4 

One way to be more constructive in a lively of situation is to focus on Realities and best parts let’s Stopping fall into the matter. When we compare lives Our self and what we all will to other ones lives and what is have then will have destruction in all aspects of life our hands.

Because we may and can win win There is always someone who has more or is better than at something. There are always people ahead of us So replace that habit with something better like prayers So ask yourself: What is one thing one can learn When. I know wanting something new, when we challenge our own humanoid self in a small or bigger way and go outside of our zone then our opinion of our lives way.

When we are kinder towards others

Not have done so we do in a spectacular or great way but we at least try instead of sitting on our hands and doing no nothing interesting as well. And that is something to appreciate about our self and it can help us come alive as we get out of a rut. So go outside of our comfort zone regularly Don’t expect anything, just tell yourself that we will try something out. from this Be kinder towards other people.

When we are kinder towards others we tend to treat and think This will both motivate us and raise our self-esteem. Sincerely more time with supportive people and less time with destructive people. All off we focus on being kind towards other people and our self and on replacing a habit it will be hard to keep our self in all aspects up. The most important influences in our life drag it down on a daily or weekly times all over.

Al Quran

So make changes in the input get And then later on you can do the same thing a few more to spend less time with people who are nervous. Perfectionists, unkind or of ones dreams or goals. Let’s spend More time with positive, uplifting people who have more human and kinder standards and ways of thinking about things the way God wants us to.

And think about what we see, listen to Spend less time on an internet forum, with reading a magazine or watching a TV-show if we feel it makes us unsure of our self and if it makes we feel more negatively towards our self. Times and improve our own performance Then spend the time we use to spend on this information source on for example reading that help us and that make us feel good about our self.

As always, if it feels too scary or uncomfortable then don’t beat our self up Take a smaller step forward instead by gently nudging our self into motion. In our self in a good way too And the way we treating other people is how others then to us in the long run. Focusing on being kindness in our daily life And what is one opportunity I can find in this situation This will help us to change our point and hope not hit the same date a little time down the far side of.