Verse 1 Corinthians 8.8 Now About Food Sa

Verse 1 Corinthians 8.8 Now About Food Sa

The letters that Paul writes are necessary for giving the people of the Lord directions as they move in their daily lives. He gives them clear explanations of the teachings of Christ and helps them to run away from evil practices. You need to read this to know what Christ sees as excellent and capable of bringing you close to his father.

Paul writes this wonderful letter to the Corinthians to inform them of how to differentiate between what is right. Everybody is blessed with a brain that enables them to know the right path to follow. While making decisions on the food that is given to idols, the knowledge you have should guide you at all times. The information that the Corinthians have is not what God desires.

He gives direction and tells them that there is only a single God they should believe in. When it comes to the foods, nothing is bad unless the Lord says it is not for use. An idol represents something that is not in existence as compared to God, who is everywhere. He reminds them that the idols have no power; hence no food can be said to be of an idol. Since their conscience is weak, they will have the fears of such foods since they think it has received defilement from the idols. The Corinthians think that the relationship with God can change when they avoid these types of food. They have to understand that the true Lord does not exist in food.

It is not possible to gain or lose anything when you eat this food. The only thing that you need be doing to get close to God is through following his teaching and abiding by the rules. One such rule is never to worship idols as this will keep you far from the Lord’s presence. It is essential to be careful while explaining your beliefs and practices on other people. The different levels of understanding and the strength that people have should give you caution as you teach. This will enable those who are weak to take the lessons gently. You will have an easy time when you talk softly to people than when you choose to condemn them bitterly.

Sinning against the other Christians is offensive to the Lord hence the need to be careful in your ways of giving knowledge. There is nothing to gain when you force other Christians to move away from the actual teachings. This means that when you find someone sinning or eating food that is given to idols, you must not condemn them. You should use an encouraging language to make the know the Lord’s teaching. If it is food that makes the people around you to sin, you need to check on the this and avoid instances that will pain them. You must have trust in the ways of the Lord to enable other people to follow what you teach them. Paul encourages Christians to take care of each other to prevent sinning.