Verse Acts 19.19 While Apollos Wa

Verse Acts 19.19 While Apollos was there

The works committed to the hands of believers are defined and comprehensive enough, as Jesus explained during His Ascension. It was commanded that you should seek the expansion of the kingdom of God, spreading the Word to all the countries on earth and telling them the Message of Hope. Jesus Christ stands as the Hope of the future, the Pillar upon which the fate of man rests on, and without Him, there is no redeeming man from the terrors of sins. So the job that is given to you is to preach to people who are unsaved and every soul won will be accounted for when the judgement day in heaven comes. No one is to be an individualistic believer, meaning that you must never be concerned about only your salvation, and caring less about the souls of others. This fell directly on the shoulders of the disciples and the other followers, then the community grew into churches and denominations all across the globe.

Man’s sole purpose is to bring as many with him to the kingdom of God, regardless of the profession he chooses to do, this is because all professions should lead the way to Christ. It is not a thing of happiness when someone is seen persecuting the Gospel, his own destiny which he has not discovered, like Saul the church’s persecutor. The book of Acts of Apostles gives a detailed account how Jesus Himself won over the heart of Saul, who had no rest till every preacher’s voice is made silent. In chapter 19 which is the focus, you can see that God had finally taken over his life, and the urge had been channelled through another source, the path of Love and Life.

Paul, as his name changed, found his own calling too, which doing the things that Christ did when He was still on earth, like preaching the Word and manifesting the Power of the Holy Ghost. The people he met in verse of that same passage revealed to him that they did not know what the Holy Spirit meant, and praying along with them, they received it. A lesson for you is that everyone is particularly good at something that God needs for the propagation of heaven, and no one is useless. All the people God chose in the past, always had a special gift which could have been misused, but God used it for His Ultimate Purpose, that which really matters. The Bible says that some Jews wanted to imitate Paul in the way he manifested the power of God, but they were denied recognition and dealt with thoroughly. They did not carry the Strength that Paul and the other disciples had, and they were beaten and wounded, this led to more fear in the hearts of those around.

God uses everyone at different capacities, and so, you should not copy another person’s ministry for yours because you may not to go along on a path, at the end of the day. Apollo ministered at Corinth, while Paul came down to Ephesus where he met with the new converts, and prayed the simple prayer of Holy Ghost fire baptism. Any believer must be filled with the Spirit of God, it is a promise of Jesus to christains, a Comforter after He must have gone.